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Coming In

Coming In
CD 1 - Ashley's Almanac: A Hutchings History (FRCD 51)
1. Working Underground (3:56)
2. Coming in to Land (0:47)
3. This Blessed Plot (4:16)
4. New St George / La Rotta (4:23)
5. Albion Heart (4:51)
6. Telstar (4:34)
7. Eternal Circle (3:35)
8. It Takes a Lot to Laugh (excerpt) (1:50)
9. Mr Lacey (2:50)
10. Come All Ye (5:00)
11. One Night As I Lay on My Bed (3:30)
12. Albion Sunrise (2:55)
13. Poor Old Horse (6:34)
14. Time to Ring Some Changes (3:10)
15. Along the Pilgrim's Way (4:50)
16. The Party's Over (6:13)
17. Angelina
18. Abandoned Love
19. Wings
20. About Dawn

As You Like It

Expounding On......

See those names listed on the right hand side of the page? Those names are some, we repeat some, of the folks who have played with the
Albion Band, there's fifty-one names there, and those are just some of the people Ashley Hutchings has played with, in his long and illustrious career, this doesn't count Steeleye Span, Fairport Convention and the other musical aggregations AH has been involved with(though they are, of course, included in this extensive over-view). This is a very special website, based on a very special box set, it's a history of Mr. Hutchings' career, the folks who're on board will be recognisable to you, we hope, from our other websites involving Ashley, and the music will be, of course, though when you actually go out out and purchase  this wonderous set, you'll find some slightly different takes on familiar songs

This Is A Work Very Much In Progress
Please Bear With Us, We Think The
End Result Will Be Worth It
Thank You For Your Patience

Cecil Sharp and Ashley Hutchings
Cecil Sharp and Ashley Hutchings

the album and a journey

the album

the album and
A Celebration of the Tree
and Its Offspring

the album

the album

the album

Flogging his wares 'round town

 what's 'e on about?

Steve Ashley

Chris Baines

Phil Beer

Martin Bell

Polly Bolton

Joe Broughton

Pete Bullock

Bill Caddick

Simon Care

Martin Carthy

Shirley Collins

Julie Covington

Sue Draheim

Judy Dunlop

Howard Evans

Trevor Foster

Michael Gregory

Sue Harris

Keith Hinchliffe

Ashley Hutchings

John Kirkpatrick

Chris Leslie

Cathy Lesurf

Neil Marshall

Dave Mattacks

Julie Matthews

John Maxwell

Doug Morter

Simon Nicol

Ken Nicol

Gillie Nicholls

Phil Pickett

Brian Protheroe

Jean-Pierre Rasle

Ashley Reed

John Rodd

Ric Sanders

Steve Saunders

John Shepherd

Martin Simpson

Emily Slade

John Sothcott

Roger Swallow

June Tabor

John Tams

Graeme Taylor

Linda Thompson

Richard Thompson

Eddie Upton

Diane Walmsley

Helen Watson

Dave Whetstone

Chris While

Kellie While

Royston Wood

Bill Zorn

Pete Zorn

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